Whether a web hosting account meets the system requirements of your Internet sites and how easy it'll be for you to control that account are two very important things. If you experience any troubles or your websites just can't run on the web hosting platform because they were designed to run in some other system environment, it would be rather frustrating in case you cannot get a full or prorated refund and many providers on the market have such policies. Thus, you will end up losing funds as you won't be able to use a service you've paid for. To be on the safe side, you should check the refund policies of any company before you acquire an internet hosting plan, so in case you cannot use your account or simply decide that you don't want to use it for any other reason, you can request your money back.
30-day MBG in Cloud Hosting
In case you subscribe for one of the cloud hosting plans that we offer, you'll be able to get a full refund during the first thirty days, no questions asked. We will never keep any money even if you send your request on the last possible day, so you'll have the required time to test out our cutting-edge cloud hosting platform and decide whether it will be suitable for your Internet sites or not. Our experienced technical support team and the user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel will make the control over your internet hosting account and the solution of any issue you could encounter super easy, but nonetheless, we leave you the opportunity to stop using your account and get your money back open.